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CLPL for teachers

I have been delivering training to teachers on how to use Moving Image education in the classroom. I have delivered the training to over 100 teachers and it’s been a great challenge and opportunity for me to teach others my film making skills. I have been doing this in partnership with NESCOL and it has been funded by Screen Scotland.

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This is Aberdeen

I am very proud of this film and would like to thank everyone that sent me their Aberdeen. My exhibition at 17 gallery has been a great success and I know lots of people have enjoyed the work. This film is also being shown in Aberdeen schools as well as the 17 gallery. This is my favourite film. Thanks to Aaron, Bill, Wayne & Troy 😀

Home 2017

I am beginning to complete all of the films for my exhibition at 17 in January. It’s been crazy keeping up with all of my recent projects. I have also shown films in Bury and Blackpool as part of the Collective collaborations project. The next stage of my exhibition is to work on my audio and build the installation. I was testing my projector out last night and I gave the neighbours a little taste of what to expect. Dates of the exhibition are 10th January to 3rd February 2018. 

Bury Installation on a bus stop.  

Bury Installation on a bus stop.  


Testing my films on my window for the exhibition in January.  

Short films and Exhibition list




2017   SPECTRA – 12 short films created and installed for a video installation as part of the Spectra light festival.

2016   Music Hall associate artist – 6 months artists’ commission creating films to keep the Music hall in the public eye while it is closed for a refurbishment.

2014   12 Hour Shift – Short film written and directed for Police Scotland

2013   National Youth Film Festival - Production mentor for short film with children aged 8-11

2013  Star Awards – Aberdeen City Council promotional film

2012  Phone Addict - 60 second comedy sting – Belmont Picture House Aberdeen

2010  Baby Think it over – Short film and documentary for NHS Grampian

2008  3 wishes – First Light Animated film with Primary school children  

2008  The Love Tube – Mesh / Channel 4 short film

2001  Channel 4 Ident – Student Broadcast commission for Channel 4

2007  Binge Drinking – Second prize for JADAT Documentary


2003-2004 Master of Fine Art, Digital Imaging and Animation, London Metropolitan University

2000-2001 Postgraduate in Digital Imaging, Guildhall University, London

1993-1997 B.A. (Hons.) 2:1 Fine Art (Painting and Drawing), Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland




June 2016– Jan 2017

Music Hall associate artist

A 6 months film commission where I created a series of films about the Music Hall to raise awareness of the refurbishment that is presently being done.  It also involved collating local stories and the History of the Music Hall.

April 16 – Present

Scottish Film Education

Delivering CPD to teachers to promote confidence in teaching Moving Image education.

April 15 – October 16

BFI Academy Aberdeen Production Manager

Delivering and managing the BFI Academy for 16-19 years olds in film production and film analysis. I manage budgets, staff and choose Industry practitioners to deliver the 16 week course.

Sep 07 – Present

NESCOL, TV production lecturer, Aberdeen

Developing and delivering Creative Industries curriculum at HND level, Lecturing in TV Production, Camera Training and Editing.

Dec 05 - Aug 07

Video Development Officer, Station House Media Unit, Aberdeen

Developing and providing video training within Aberdeen City. Supporting and delivering training at all levels of video production, Directing and filming various DVD projects for education and third sector

Aug 01 - June 02

Freelance Film Maker, Channel 4 - Blackwatch Productions, Glasgow

'The Love Tube' short animation written and directed for broadcast, Ident design and TV branding for Channel 4, Motion Graphics for various corporate and private clients


Mar 00 - Sep 00

Outreach Arts Tutor, Whitespace, Aberdeen Council

June 99 - Mar 00

After Schools Play Worker, Drumoyne School, Sydney, Australia

Sep 97- July 98

European Voluntary Service (E.V.S.), Luxembourg

E.V.S. Arts Tutor, Lisbon, Portugal: working with children and young people



Collective collaborations

I am starting to make video postcards in the hope people will send me one back. I am working on a project with 8 artists and we are making an installation which will be shown in Bury, Blackpool and Aberdeen. I am trying to collate stories and images from these places to combine as part of a moving image projection. Please send me a postcard if you can.

Thanks Sara 


Send me a postcard



I am recharging like a solar powered panel. Soaking up all the rays and storing them for later in the year when it's cold, dark and busy with work/life. The summer break will then feel very far removed and the need to retain small elements of my vacation vital. A small stone from the beach for my desk, my new purse which I will use daily and photographs like the one I have taken here; which I will look at over the year to remember the heat and vibrancy of colours even through the faded black and white image.


Two commissions in 1 week

The summer holidays are here and although I am on holiday mode I have just found out that I have been granted two commissions: An Aberdeen City cultural grant for an exhibition at 17 in January and I have been asked to take part in a Collective collaborations exhibition for Spectra 2018.

So I am on holiday but I am also beginning to plan the work flow for my exhibitions. My exhibition in January is around the theme of: Home and cultural identity. The work I do for Spectra will be in collaboration with Scottish artists Fiona Soa Paing and Hannah Ayer. 

To switch off this weekend I went to see Radiohead at the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow. The projections at the gig were great, the stage at the Radiohead gig often took on the appearance of an abstract painting. Beautiful hues and lighting, I loved the images as much as the music. 

Here's me winding down - I can also say the crowd were lovely and it was not like T in the Park... thank god  

Enjoying an over priced JD & coke 🙂


Another year over

The Belmont showcase was last night and we celebrated by watching the best student films. The showcase is always a great night and the every year I see students making better films. This year the scripts were better and some great narratives played out beautifully on the big screen. I felt proud and sad; as this is also the time when we say goodbye and the adults that I met 2 years ago move on and continue their journey. I also feel exhausted, the strain of mentoring so many students across 2 subject areas has taken been hard work. I don't make it easier as I also continue taking on commissions for my art work and filming projects. Summer calls and the count down commences. Goodbye B class - a lovely bunch 😍


Scottish Film Education

Yesterday was the screening of 7 short films that I made with 2 Aberdeen primary schools. This was some of the youngest children I have worked with and we made the films in around 7 hours. We based it on the 48hour film challenge and I was amazed at how each group worked together and focused to make their films. We scripted, produced, filmed and edited their films in a short timescale and I tidied them up in the edit at home. We screened them yesterday and it was lovely to share the children's joy and laughter as we watched the films together. I left with lots of cuddles, chocolates and a bottle of wine. Not a bad job at all 🎥



Mrs Gardener's walk of fame


17 Funding / HOME

I am away to start working on my next Moving Image exhibition which will take place at 17 on Belmont Street in January 2018. 

The exhibition is based on themes of Home and what it means in 2017. I am interested in the examining the concept and truths behind "there is no place like home" from the Wizard of Oz. 

I am also using the song The Northern lights as a starting point for my discussion. I am interested in examining how the population of Aberdeen has changed during my lifetime.

The project has a small budget and I am excited about starting my research. 

I am looking for contributors and would love to hear from you if you would like to talk about Home and what that means to you. 


I attended the Women of the world think in at Perth concert hall last week. I took 2 students with me and went with a new creative friend Cindy Douglas. It was great being surrounded by women and discussing issues that effect our lives. I actually cried when we watched a short film about WOW around the world.  


I can't wait to be part of the event in October and look forward to taking my girls along to.  

Spectra 2017

The Spectra festival that I had work in this year took me back to my Portobello market stall days. I don't know what I was expecting, but I got a shock when I realised that I had to build my installation every night and take it apart. I leant so much from this experience and although it was hard work it was great fun. Like being a market stall holder you are there first thing setting up, see the event and then take it all down - then do it again & again. I was sad on the last night as I thought it would be the end of the piece of work, but I am happy to say that it has found a home in HMT which is nice. 

CPD for teachers by Sara Stroud

When I agreed to do some staff development sessions for Scottish Film education I was aware that I would be teaching teachers. As a part time lecturer I felt confident in my teaching abilities but still felt incredibly nervous. As the day approached I over prepared and spent most of the day planning my short session. It went really well although I have to say I was relieved that the head of English did not come to my sessions!  


Some photos I took to help demonstrate how learning camera angles can be a practical exercise for Primary children.


MCU on Ursula :) 


Spanish portrait

It's the time of year when I start thinking about holidays and looking through pictures from last years very distant break. I am actually obsessed with how many people you see on the streets just constantly on their phone. This is my one of favourite pictures from last year and I completely love the energy they are pouring in to that phone pose. 

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