Two commissions in 1 week

The summer holidays are here and although I am on holiday mode I have just found out that I have been granted two commissions: An Aberdeen City cultural grant for an exhibition at 17 in January and I have been asked to take part in a Collective collaborations exhibition for Spectra 2018.

So I am on holiday but I am also beginning to plan the work flow for my exhibitions. My exhibition in January is around the theme of: Home and cultural identity. The work I do for Spectra will be in collaboration with Scottish artists Fiona Soa Paing and Hannah Ayer. 

To switch off this weekend I went to see Radiohead at the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow. The projections at the gig were great, the stage at the Radiohead gig often took on the appearance of an abstract painting. Beautiful hues and lighting, I loved the images as much as the music. 

Here's me winding down - I can also say the crowd were lovely and it was not like T in the Park... thank god  

Enjoying an over priced JD & coke 🙂